Stop Killing Contests

Wildlife killing contests are cruel and hazardous, organized events in which participants compete for prizes by attempting to kill the most animals over a certain time period. These contests, which commonly exploit unprotected species such as coyotes and prairie dogs, occur frequently across New Mexico public lands, including U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and State Trust lands, though contest promoters rarely share with the public the locations where the contestants are shooting firearms—posing a serious public safety risk. The contests frequently offer prizes of cash or firearms to the contestants who kill the most animals or ones of specific size.

Killing contests are not fair-chase hunting and are opposed by many gun owners and hunters. Besides being cruel and unethical, indiscriminate mass killing is an inefficient and even counter-productive predator management technique. Indiscriminate killing of animals is not recognized as wildlife management by any legitimate scientific authority. These contests serve no purpose whatsoever to our state, except to disrupt our ecosystem, burden our economy, and promote senseless killing and unethical treatment of wildlife.

These barbaric competitions send the message that life is disposable in New Mexico—it’s beyond time to ban these events that glorify killing for its own sake.

Please sign this petition to let policymakers know that you stand united with the majority of New Mexicans who oppose these cruel and dangerous killing contests.

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