URGENT: Take action help ban coyote killing contests in New Mexico!

Senate Bill 268 ("Prohibit Coyote Killing Contests") passed the Senate Conservation Commitee by a 6-3 vote and will be heard next in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Stop Coyote Killing Contests

Senate Bill 268, sponsored by Sen. Jeff Steinborn (D-Las Cruces) and Sen. Mark Moores (R-Albuquerque), will ban coyote killing competitions in which participants compete for prizes or entertainment by attempting to kill the most, largest, and smallest coyotes over a short period of time. Coyote killing contests have resulted in outrage—not only here in New Mexico, but also nationally and internationally—for promoting wanted killing that a significant majority of New Mexico voters (more than a two-to-one margin) find abhorrent and that does nothing to help attract business, drive tourism, or address livestock depredation. Ethical sportsmen oppose killing contests as a violation of fair-chase hunting values and the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. It's time to end these horrific events.

Take action below to urge the Senate Judiciary Committee to VOTE YES on Senate Bill 268!

*This form will only work for legislators who sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee. If your State Senator does not sit on this committee but you'd like to call about SB 268 right away, please find their phone number here. Thank you for speaking out!

IMPORTANT: The more you personalize your letter, the more effective it will be in reaching and persuading your legislator. We’ve provided a draft letter for you, but we STRONGLY encourage you to edit the content of the form letter to put it in your own words. Tell a brief story about why this issue is personally important to you, and emphasize the facts that you think will resonate most with your legislator.

  • Include a personal story about interactions you or your family have had with killing contests

  • Share your reactions to seeing pictures and stories about these events taking place in New Mexico

And use the arguments that you believe will resonate best with your particular Senator:

  • New Mexico killing contests have attracted national and international outrage, detracting from local businesses and tourism in New Mexico.

  • Killing as many animals as possible conflicts with ethical fair-chase hunting values and the science-based North American Model of Wildlife Conservation that guides most hunters.

  • Killing contests can damage New Mexico's rural economy. Scientific studies show coyotes whose pack structures are disrupted by random mass killing will breed more and produce larger litters, making them more likely to attack livestock to feed their young. 

  • A three-year N.M. Department of Game & Fish program (2000-2003) that killed over 1,200 coyotes, aiming to enhance deer herds, was scrapped after there was no evidence the killing increased fawn survival (Albuquerque Journal, 7/16/2003, “State Halts War on Coyotes”). 

  • Mass indiscriminate killing, in violation of fair chase ethics, sends a dangerous message to our children that life is cheap in New Mexico and that senseless, indiscriminate killing is a cause for celebration.

  • Killing contests occur frequently (an estimated 30 per year), all year round, across New Mexico on both private and public lands—and contest promoters rarely share with the public the locations, increasing the danger to our families who use public lands for other types of recreation.