New Mexico's companion animals need your help!

House Bill 123 ("Animal Food Fee for Sterilization Program")

UPDATE: This bill has been referred to the Senate Finance Committee -- but it hasn't been scheduled yet! 

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More than 135,000 dogs and cats enter New Mexico's animal shelters every year—and almost half of them are euthanized simply for lack of adoptive homes. A major cause of this outcome is the fact that spay and neuter services are unaffordable, inaccessible, or both. The more homeless animals there are, the higher the cost to communities to provide animal care and control services sufficient not only to protect the animals, but also to protect the public from related risks such as bite injuries, disease transmission, traffic accidents and property damage.

Government officials have been asking for a mechanism to provide the level of spay/neuter funding our state needs to address the companion animal overpopulation problem. House Bill 123 offers the answer.

House Bill 123 (sponsored by Rep. Carl Trujillo) will require large pet food corporations—which currently pay a minuscule $2 annually to register each of their products in order to sell those products in our state—to contribute an additional $100 per product that will go directly to the Animal Care & Facility Fund. This fee increase would:

  • generate an estimated $700,000-$800,000 per year;
  • cover the costs to spay/neuter about 6,000-11,000 animals of income-qualified New Mexicans per year;
  • help operate the Animal Sheltering Board's spay/neuter program administration.

* It is not a tax —but it is revenue that legislators and agency officials have been asking for. It will not impact households without pets—and those with pets, if the pet food companies pass down the entirety of the increased fee to consumer, are estimated to see only an extra $1.48/yr per household. We know most New Mexicans who care about animals are more than happy to spare the cost of a cup of coffee a year in order to help provide vital spay/neuter services, save animals' lives, and bring local animal control costs down.

Other states already benefit from this effective funding mechanism, and New Mexicans deserve this obvious solution to keep our animals and communities safe and healthy.

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IMPORTANT: The more you personalize your letter, the more effective it will be in reaching and persuading your legislator. We’ve provided a draft letter for you, but we STRONGLY encourage you to edit the content of the form letter to put it in your own words. Tell a brief story about why this issue is personally important to you, and emphasize the facts that you think will resonate most with your legislator.