Help make New Mexico's animal cruelty laws stronger

URGENT: House Bill 210 ("Cruelty to Animals Changes") will be heard in the House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee Tuesday, March 7th at 1:30pm in Capitol Room 309! Make your voice heard.

TAKE ACTION: If your State Representative sits on this committee*, please use the form below to urge him or her to VOTE YES on House Bill 210!

The link between cruelty to animals and violence to humans is well established. Our communities are safer and better places to live when our laws support keeping animals safe from harm. According to a 2013 Animal Legal Defense Fund report, New Mexico was one of the worst in the nation for animal protection laws. We must act now to make our laws stronger.

Prosecution of some animal cruelty cases have not been possible because of the current wording of the statute, resulting in difficulty obtaining convictions for clear-cut cases of cruelty to animals. In some cases, prosecutors have stated that the current statute doesn’t permit them to file fourth degree felony charges for dehydrating and starving an animal, even to the death.

The proposed amendments would make sure that unconscionable acts such as recklessly abandoning, starving or dehydrating animals to death would be prosecutable as fourth degree felonies.  Currently unprotected captive reptiles would be covered under the new law.

Tell your representatives that this kind of cruelty to animals is part of the cycle of violence that is never acceptable, and we must hold accountable those who commit extreme crimes like these in order to protect New Mexico’s animals and entire communities.

Take action below to support House Bill 210!

*This form will only work for legislators who sit on the House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee. If your legislator is not on the committee, but you'd like to give them a heads up about House Bill 210 or any other pro-animal bill, find their phone number here.

IMPORTANT: The more you personalize your letter, the more effective it will be in reaching and persuading your legislator. We’ve provided a draft letter for you, but we STRONGLY encourage you to edit the content of the form letter to put it in your own words. Tell a brief story about why this issue is personally important to you, and emphasize the facts that you think will resonate most with your legislator.