Urge NM lawmakers to embrace common sense rabies policies!


House Bill 109 ("Wild Animal Bite & Attack Procedures") has been stalled in the House State Government, Indian & Veterans Affairs Committee but could still pass with your support!

The experience of a New Mexico marathon runner rippled through national and international news—she startled a mother bear, who then attacked the runner to defend her cubs, and ran away... only to be tracked down and killed to be tested for rabies. Why? Because state laws required it. But when bears have never been known to carry rabies in New Mexico, was that action necessary? READ MORE ABOUT THIS STORY >>

House Bill 109 says it's time to require our state agencies to take a nuanced approach to managing human-wildlife contact. It specifies considtions where the Department of Health would and would not mandate euthanasia and rabies testing of an animal. And iit requires the following factors be taken into account in deciding how to handle an attacking animal: the species of animal, the circumstances of exposure and behavior of the animal at the time of the attack, the epidemiology or rabies in the local area, the animal's history and current health status, and the likelihood the animal might have been exposed to rabies.

No one is asking state officials to put human safety and health at risk. But New Mexicans love exploring our great outdoors and don't want to see our wildlife unnecessarily killed. A measured approach, balancing public health with wildlife coexistence, is the key.

Take action below to urge your State Representative to vote YES on House Bill 109! 

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